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Preparing For Your First Visit

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Is it time for orthodontic treatment? Whether you are a young adult or a grown adult, experienced Denver orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman is ready to discuss your options. Below is an overview of what you can expect. Evaluation and Consultation In your first appointment with Dr. Rudman, he will examine your mouth, teeth and gums. …

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Is 2018 the Year for Braces?

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If you are preparing for braces in the New Year, know that there are many benefits! Orthodontic treatment not only enhances your smile, it also helps your teeth work efficiently and effectively. Here are a few of the benefits: Correctly aligned bite Straight teeth Improved smile symmetry Your teeth are easier to clean when they …

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Summertime Tips For Braces Care

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School’s out, and if your child or teen has braces, then it’s important to anticipate the little things about summer that can alter the braces routine – namely: sleepovers, vacations and refreshing treats. You can meet these summer obstacles head on with the following: Braces-friendly refreshing snacks. Watermelon, smoothies, grapes and sliced mangoes are great …

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Quiz: Invisalign True or False

Take our quiz to see how much you know about Invisalign! In Denver, experienced dentist Dr. Robert Rudman has been providing orthodontia for many years. He can determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign or braces. To schedule a consultation, please call 303-331-0222.

Caring For Your Retainer

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There’s a very good chance that after you finish wearing braces, Dr. Rudman will provide you with a dental retainer to wear. It’s important that you follow Dr. Rudman’s instructions for wearing this retainer since retainers are vital for helping you maintain the results you worked so hard to achieve through orthodontic treatment. One of …

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