Do Braces Make Your Breath Stink?

Brushing teeth and braces

Everyone experiences bad breath from time to time. The good news is that it can usually be fixed with regular brushing and flossing. But if you have braces, you’ll need to step up your routine to keep your mouth fresh. What Causes Bad Breath with Braces? The main cause of bad breath is the bacteria …

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5 Myths About Traditional Braces

Denver teenager wearing metal braces

There are quite a few myths about traditional metal braces. In reality, they are a great option to straighten your teeth and create an aesthetically pleasing smile. At Advanced Orthodontic Care, Dr. Robert Rudman can help you decide if braces are right for you. Myth #1: You have to wear braces for several years. This …

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How Do You Clean Braces Behind Your Teeth?

Many patients struggle with the decision to get braces. Although your smile will look great when the treatment is over, you may be concerned about “metal mouth.” Advanced Orthodontic Care is proud to offer several alternatives to traditional braces, including lingual or Incognito™ braces. Unlike traditional appliances, Incognito™ braces are placed on the back of …

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How Do Braces Work?

Braces apply pressure over time to move teeth. As the teeth move, the bone in which they are embedded re-models and re-shapes to conform to the new position of the teeth. It takes time for braces to work. The exact amount of time varies by individual, depending on how the teeth need to move and …

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First Day of Summer and Your Braces

student braces summer

The first day of summer is Thursday, June 21. Although, in Denver it really feels like summer already! We’ve enjoyed warm, sunny days for weeks now. Did you know that the summertime can be a great time for children and young adults to get braces? Here are a couple reasons: Flexible schedules. With students on …

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