Can Mewing Change Your Face Shape?

Woman with short hair sticking her tongue out Mewing is a method of retraining your tongue that’s popular online. The idea is you can change your facial structure and straighten your teeth by flattening your tongue against the roof of your mouth. But there’s little evidence to back it up, and it won’t replace surgery or orthodontic work

Research on Mewing

Mewing has exploded on social media. However, the technique dates back to the 1970s. In the fifty-odd years since its invention, there’s been no serious research to support its benefits.

Proponents of the technique recommend holding a specific tongue and jaw position for a few minutes. They also advise repeating the exercise several times a day for months or years on end. Some fans of mewing say it should be done constantly. That means even while drinking.

Most people would likely find it difficult and inconvenient to follow the guidelines listed above. 

Risks of Mewing

Facial restructuring is a complex process that should always be overseen by an orthodontist. Done wrong, it can lead to discomfort. It may also trigger muscle pain or aggravate jaw issues. 

The main issue with mewing is that it can be seen as a substitute for orthodontic treatment. It might keep someone from seeking professional care for concerns related to their teeth and jaw. 

If you’re concerned about the resting position of your tongue or any other matters related to your teeth, jaw bones, and facial bones, you should talk to an orthodontist before you do anything. Orthodontists have trained for thousands of hours to safely correct jaw and teeth irregularities.

Book an Orthodontic Consultation

It’s best to approach all do-it-yourself orthodontic treatments with caution. You are far more likely to achieve a safe and effective transformation when you visit an orthodontist for help. 

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