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At Advanced Orthodontic Care, we are here to make you smile. The most rewarding part of what we do is seeing our patients' confidence once their straightened, healthy smile is complete. Experienced orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman and Dr. Jake Birg have been creating spectacular smiles for decades, and they can help you reach your goals. To arrange a consultation at our Denver practice, please call 303-331-0222.

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What You Get when You Choose Advanced Orthodontic Care

You have a lot of dentists offering braces to choose from. Dr. Rudman and Dr. Birg trained extensively as orthodontists, receiving a D.D.S. as well as a Master of Science focused on orthodontia. In addition to their experience and skill, we believe you will enjoy the following benefits of choosing us:

  • Respect for your time.
    Dr. Rudman and Dr. Birg utilize technology to speed up treatment when possible, and we also acknowledge the value of your time by using our in-house lab to make teeth molds and certain accessories in our own office. We know getting away from school or from work is tough, and we will do all that we can to accommodate your schedule.
  • Convenient online scheduling.
    Schedule your appointments easily with our online portal. No need to call our office if you don't want to. This online portal also offers the option of paperless account management.
  • Faster bracket placement.If you get traditional bracket-and-wire braces, we place the brackets on your teeth quickly using "indirect bonding." Instead of placing each bracket one-by-one, the brackets are first laid out inside a custom mold of your teeth. This places them precisely at the center of each tooth. The mold is inserted over your teeth, and then removed, leaving the perfectly placed brackets on your teeth. This can save you between 30-45 minutes.
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  • Individualized treatment plans.
    Today's orthodontic patient expects treatment options beyond traditional wires and brackets. After assessing your needs, Dr. Rudman and Dr. Birg can determine which of the options are available to you. Orthodontic options available today include clear brackets, clear customized aligners, braces on the back of the teeth and traditional braces.
  • Orthodontist and staff passionate about what they do.
    Each member of our team is personally driven by producing great results. We want each of our patients, no matter what age, to feel confident and happy with their smiles at the end of treatment.

We understand that you have concerns about financing your own or your children’s orthodontic treatment. Because of this, we will work with you on payment plans, and offer a discount if you pay in full. Braces are an investment, but we want it to be one you are comfortable with.

What People Say About Us!

Wonderful orthodontists who care about customers! Liz and Dr. Birg helped me with my new retainer and they were great! Definitely recommend this orthodontic care.

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Fun and Comfortable Environment

You should enjoy coming to the orthodontist. Our practice features several amenities:

  • Sony PlayStation consoles
  • Goodies like complimentary water bottles and electric flossers
  • Periodic contests, including costume contests, talent shows, and prizes for winning various activities and guessing games

Our comfortable, clean and state-of-the-art office also has great views of the Colorado mountains to the West. Give us a call to arrange your consultation and office tour.

Our Technology

Dr. Rudman and Dr. Birg avidly research orthodontic innovations. They incorporate those devices that they know will benefit their patients, such as:

AcceleDent. By holding this device between your teeth for about 20 minutes a day, you can increase the rate at which your teeth move, which may decrease the length of your orthodontic treatment. The device is lightweight and comfortable to use. Watch a television show or read a book, and before you know it, 20 minutes will fly by. Please watch the video below to see more.


AcceleDent emits micro-vibrations to accelerate the bone remodeling that happens during orthodontic treatment.

Digital imaging. At Advanced Orthodontic Care, our team understands that your time is very valuable. Therefore, we perform complete orthodontic records at our office. Records taken include molds of the teeth, digital photographs and digital radiography.

orthodontist’s digital x-ray machine

Our digital X-rays are taken by a state-of-the-art, Planmeca Promax Digital Panoramic/ Cephalometric machine. These X-rays offer high resolution and much lower radiation than traditional machines. The images are also easy to share with your dentist or other health care providers.

Dental Instrument Sterilization

Your health is important to us, and our practice follows the most advanced guidelines for instrument sterilization and infection control from the CDC and the ADA. We utilize state-of-the-art sterilization equipment that destroys all contaminants. Each instrument is cleaned, sterilized and used on only one patient. Disposable instruments and instruments that cannot be sterilized are discarded after one use. Our staff disinfects all surfaces and changes gloves, masks and caps between patient visits. You can be assured that our practice takes every step possible to assure your health and safety.

Our Community

At Advanced Orthodontic Care, we are committed to our community. We participate in many charitable events each year. We also enjoy supporting our patients' businesses. On this page you will find information about those businesses, as well as some of the charitable work we do.

Great Causes

Canine Companions:

Some angels have wings, others have tails. Canine Companions raises highly trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities.

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Charitable Events

Wash Park Home Tour
Colorado Orthodontic Foundation
The Challenge Foundation

Patient Businesses

Ania Mikol Photography
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Frills Cake Shop
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Naked Pizza

What are the Benefits of Digital Imaging?

Historically, dental and orthodontic x-rays have involved biting on small, rigid pieces while a technician captured images. If you remember having these kinds of x-rays done, you know they can be pretty uncomfortable. Digital x-rays have been in use for long enough now that they're all some people know. This is fortunate because digital x-ray imaging is not only more comfortable but also safer and more precise and more efficient. When you have digital x-rays taken here at Advanced Orthodontic Care, your technician will simply place a small electronic sensor in your mouth in the area we need to see. Within just a couple of minutes, your entire x-ray process should be complete.

One of the primary reasons that technology advanced to digital imaging was the decrease in radiation exposure. Studies indicate that digital x-rays emit only about 10 percent of the radiation that traditional x-rays have. In addition to significantly reducing this exposure, digital x-rays offer other advantages. These include:

  • The ability to observe x-rays on a computer screen in the treatment room. Your orthodontist may also increase, "zoom in" on aspects of a tooth, multiple teeth, bone, or other structures to plan your ideal treatment. 
  • The ability to quickly compare current digital images with previous digital images to evaluate treatment progress.
  • There are no toxic chemicals involved in the processing of digital x-rays, which is kinder to the environment.
  • Ease of delivery if you need digital x-rays shared with your dentist or another provider. All we have to do is email them!

What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is an FDA-approved, Class II medical device that is used to help facilitate tooth alignment during orthodontic treatment. It is prescribed to just one user and consists of two parts. One is the mouthpiece that fits over your teeth. The other is an activator that sends micro pulses through teeth into their roots. AcceleDent can be used to support traditional orthodontic treatment or Invisalign. The clear plastic aligners simply need to be removed before wear. When used by Invisalign patients, AcceleDent helps the aligners fit better over each tooth, thereby increasing the efficiency with which the devices work. And it only takes a few minutes each day to receive the benefits of this simple technique!

How Does AcceleDent Work?

AcceleDent is designed for ease of use and also efficiency. It's intended for daily use. When inserted, the mouthpiece delivers tiny vibrations that transmit through teeth to their roots and also the bone that surrounds them. These vibrations are believed to increase cellular activity in the bone and periodontal ligaments that hold teeth in their misaligned position. This increased cellular activity allows teeth to reposition more readily. We often think of orthodontic treatment solely as a realignment process. There is also what is called "leveling." When your teeth are repositioning during orthodontic treatment, one of our jobs is to make sure they also sustain or achieve equal height, so the chewing surface of each tooth is even across the entire dental arch. In addition to supporting the best structural result, AcceleDent is also known to bring about results more quickly in many patients.

Your Consultation in Denver

Located in Cherry Creek, our orthodontic patients visit us from across Denver, Stapleton and all of the nearby areas. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Rudman and Dr. Birg, please call our helpful staff at 303-331-0222. Dr. Rudman and Dr. Birg provide numerous teeth-straightening options, including traditional braces and clear aligners.

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