What Causes a Bad Bite?

A bad bite – what orthodontists call “malocclusion” – is an assessment of the way the upper and lower teeth come together. When they overlap inharmoniously, then the orthodontist considers that a bad bite. There are many possible causes, including congenital conditions of the jaws, genetics, injury, thumb-sucking and other developmental problems, and more. Malocclusion may originate with the teeth only, or it may involve misalignment of the jaws. An experienced Denver and Stapleton-area orthodontist, Dr. Robert Rudman can assess your bite and let you know your options for straightening your teeth. To learn more, please call 303-331-0222.

What is Bite Classification?

“Bite classification” categorizes each type of malocclusion:

  • Class 1: A balanced bite. The upper and lower teeth bite together and overlap normally.
  • Class 2: Also called an “overbite,” the upper front teeth and the upper jaw jut forward further than the lower teeth and jaw. This bite condition may cause a recessed chin.
  • Class 3: Also called an “under-bite,” the lower teeth and jaw jut too far forward. The chin may be too prominent as a result.

There are also bite problems involving cross bites and open bites. It’s quite normal to have a misaligned bite. Most people aren’t born with perfect jaw and teeth alignment. Braces and Invisalign® are very effective at addressing these problems, and orthodontics are more comfortable and less obtrusive than decades past.

There is a Root Cause, and We Can Straighten Your Teeth

Close-up illustration of crooked teeth

Part of our job as your orthodontic team is to assess the type of bite problem and the cause. Treatments are recommended based on cause, which may include:

  • Insufficient growth of the upper or lower jaw
  • Overgrowth of the upper or lower jaw
  • Genetics
  • Congenital (at-birth) conditions
  • Thumb/finger sucking during childhood
  • Prolonged pacifier use (beyond age 3)
  • Skeletal discrepancy
  • Injury

Dr. Rudman will use imaging and a visual exam to determine whether the teeth alone are crooked or whether malocclusion is present. While some people with a jaw malposition can benefit from orthognathic surgery, most people are good candidates for orthodontic treatment, such as one of the following options:

Dr. Rudman can help you decide which of these will be the right treatment for your teeth, your expectations and your final results.

Personalized Answers to Correcting Your Bite

If you are interested in orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, or if you are searching for an orthodontic evaluation for your child, please call the practice of experienced Denver orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman at 303-331-0222. During a visit at our Cherry Creek office, Dr. Rudman will evaluate the bite position and let you know what your options are for straightening your teeth for a lifelong beautiful smile.

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