What are INBRACE Lingual Braces?

Close up of an inbrace lingual smartwire

At Advanced Orthodontic Care, Dr. Robert Rudman offers all the treatment options he knows will be safe and effective for our patients. He knows which treatments work because he has been creating beautiful, healthy smiles for decades! We’re really excited about the newest orthodontic addition at our practice: INBRACE lingual braces. This system uses a smartwire attached to slim brackets on the back of your teeth, where no one will see them. At a comparable cost to Invisalign, INBRACE straightens your teeth without the hassle of removing aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss. Call us today to learn more, at 303-331-0222.

A Nitinol Smartwire Moves Your Teeth Exactly How They Need to be Moved

In some ways, INBRACE is similar to Incognito braces. Both systems are “lingual,” meaning they are placed on the back, tongue-facing side of your teeth. That’s so people will be unlikely to see them, unlike traditional braces that are placed right on the front of your teeth. While Incognito has been a great option, INBRACE has the added benefit of:

  • All-digital diagnosis and bracket creation
  • A nitinol smartwire programmed to move your teeth exactly how they need to move
  • Slim, low-profile brackets
  • Wires shaped so that you can brush and floss like normal

This system is especially well-suited to busy adults, particularly those who had braces before but stopped wearing their aligner at some point, and are therefore experiencing a degree of relapse.

The INBRACE Treatment Experience

First, you’ll visit Dr. Rudman for a consultation. He’ll examine your teeth and bite to determine if malocclusion is present and the class of malocclusion. He’ll listen to your goals for your smile so that you’re on the same page about the end result, and then he’ll make his recommendations for which orthodontic options will work for you.

If you’re an INBRACE candidate and if you elect this treatment, we’ll begin scheduling your next appointments. A 3D scanner is used to take multiple photographs of your teeth. The images create a digital replica of your bite.

Dr. Rudman uses the digital replica of your bite to plan and design your entire treatment. The INBRACE software allows him to tailor each tooth movement to your bite issues, creating highly customized results. INBRACE creates the pre-programmed smartwire, which is sent to Dr. Rudman for placement. The next step is to come to the appointment during which the brackets and wire are placed on the back of your teeth.

INBRACE’s smartwire moves according to the course that was designed for it, so you may not have to visit our office as frequently as you would for other treatments that require adjustments. But you’ll still visit us every several weeks until treatment is complete. You can floss in between your teeth like normal – no floss threader needed! You’ll also be able to brush your teeth as you always have, but taking a little care as you brush around the brackets and wires.

Get Started on the INBRACE Process in Denver

If you live in or around Denver, Stapleton, Cherry Creek or the surrounding areas and want to find out more about the INBRACE treatment experience, cost, timeline and results, please schedule a consultation with experienced orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman by calling 303-331-0222.

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