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Lingual (tongue-facing) braces are placed on the back of your teeth where people are unlikely to notice them at all. INBRACE lingual braces use a “smartwire” to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. It’s perfect for busy adults who want to conceal their orthodontic treatment from other people. You can still feel confident and self-assured while straightening your teeth with braces.

During a consultation in Denver, experienced orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman can determine whether you are a candidate for INBRACE or other systems, and he’ll help you weigh those options to find the right one for you. To schedule your appointment, please call our staff at 303-331-0222.

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How Does INBRACE Work?

INBRACE uses slim brackets and a nitinol (nickel titanium) memory wire to straighten your teeth and align your bite over time, just like other types of orthodontia. Unlike other systems, INBRACE has these advantages:

  • You can still brush and floss like normal
  • You enjoy the convenience of a non-removable appliance
  • People are unlikely to see the braces on the back of your teeth, unless you want them to!
  • Ideal for busy adults who need to refine the results of childhood orthodontic treatment

INBRACE uses Gentleforce technology to achieve the most efficient teeth movement with minimal force. Computer modeling and AI algorithms determine the shortest path for a tooth to move into the desired position, thereby eliminating unnecessary force from the smartwire and brackets.

INBRACE is designed to provide movement that is healthier for your teeth and gums. It does so by applying light, continuous force over time. This light force allows your bones to adapt as the teeth move.

The wire used to straighten the teeth is state-of-the-art. It’s not a straight wire, but instead consists of loops and curves designed specifically for your teeth and the way they need to move. One of the great things about the wire is that it dips down to the gums right at the location where you floss, so floss threaders are unnecessary. The nitinol material used to make the smartwire has been used for medical applications for decades.

Are You an INBRACE Candidate?

This orthodontic system treats a wide range of bite problems and teeth misalignment. It’s particularly effective in correcting:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Mild crowding
  • Moderate crowding
  • Moderate open bite
  • Moderate deep bite (also called an under-bite)

It may treat other issues as well. Visit Dr. Rudman to find out if you are a candidate. Dr. Rudman is passionate about creating smiles that are both attractive and healthy. He recommends the orthodontic options that he knows will achieve those outcomes based on your bite and teeth misalignment, your jaw, your dental health and other factors.

The Treatment Process

The INBRACE treatment process involves the following:

  • First, a 3D scanner takes photographs of your teeth and bite
  • The 3D images are used to replicate your bite digitally
  • Dr. Rudman manipulates the 3D digital images to plan how each tooth needs to move to reach the ideal bite and teeth alignment
  • INBRACE creates the customized smartwire according to Dr. Rudman’s plan

From diagnosis to creation of the custom device, INBRACE is completely digital. INBRACE features a slim bracket system, which means the brackets that hold the smartwire are low profile, so they’ll have a less obtrusive feel inside your mouth. The smartwire loops lock into the brackets, which is different than traditional straight braces wires that slide into their brackets. Because of the looped design, torque is delivered with a rounded wire, and you can brush and floss just as you did before you had lingual braces.

How Much Does INBRACE Cost?

We’ll provide you with a cost quote when you visit our practice for your consultation. Generally speaking, INBRACE is often priced similarly to Invisalign, although that’s not always the case.

Review your dental insurance policy to see if any coverage is provided for braces. We also offer the following financing options:

  • 5 percent discount if you pre-pay the full amount
  • 5 percent discount if you pre-pay in full via credit card
  • Interest-free direct withdrawals from your bank monthly with a 20-30 percent down payment

Our front office staff presents all of these payment options so you can decide how you’d like to finance your INBRACE treatment.

Schedule Your INBRACE Consultation with Dr. Rudman

Our team is thrilled to offer the INBRACE treatment option to people in the Denver, Stapleton and Cherry Creek area. Our comfortable, state-of-the-art office is located in Cherry Creek, conveniently near shopping and dining. To arrange a consultation to find out if you’re a good INBRACE candidate, please call our staff at 303-331-0222.

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