3 Resolutions to Make if You Wear Braces

Happy young woman with braces Did you set any new goals for your health and happiness this year? Resolutions can be a great way to encourage positive changes in all areas of your life — including your oral care routine. Here are three highly beneficial resolutions that you should strive to adopt if you wear braces.

1. Floss Every Single Day

When you have braces, keeping your teeth clean is more important than usual. Otherwise, you may experience issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, and discoloration. These issues are a shame because you are already putting in the work to improve your smile with orthodontics.

Make a promise to yourself to floss once a day, even if it takes a bit more time than it used to. You can thread waxed floss between the wire and your teeth or use special flossing tools.

2. Eat the Right Foods 

Your diet might already be on your mind this time of year. With braces, you have another reason to be thoughtful about the foods that you eat. Some options are good, and others are not.

Anything that is easy to chew, nutritious, and low in sugar is generally going to be a safe bet. Yogurt, sweet potatoes, fish, and cooked fruits and vegetables are all smart choices. Meanwhile, hard, crunchy, and sticky foods could possibly damage your braces wires or brackets. Be sure to avoid popcorn, nuts, hard candy, chewing gum, and similar snacks during your treatment.

3. Plan Regular Checkups 

You can keep your progress on track if you visit our orthodontist for checkups according to the recommended schedule. These appointments are important in terms of tightening and adjustments. They can also catch any issues that could derail your treatment timeline. 

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