What is Opal® Seal?

Opal® Seal is a protective sealant that Dr. Robert Rudman uses to prepare your teeth before he puts your braces on. Because it is often difficult for you to clean your teeth while wearing braces, it is important to seal your teeth with a dental sealant for an added layer of protection.

Opal Seal helps to counter the buildup of plaque on your teeth to prevent decay while you are wearing braces. Dr. Rudman will apply Opal Seal in a thin layer to the entire surface of your tooth. This sealant will create a barrier to plaque, and it will slowly release fluoride to keep your tooth enamel healthy.

Combined with your good oral hygiene habits, Opal Seal can help your smile stay healthy and avoid decalcification. Decalcification is an early stage of tooth decay where the damaged area of your tooth will appear white. Left untreated, it will lead to cavities.

Opal Seal is not only for children with braces. We use Opal Seal on adult patients too. Be sure to ask us about Opal Seal and your treatment options during your consultation with Dr. Rudman. Dr. Rudman is a 5280 Top Orthodontist and can help you!

If you want to speak to a Denver orthodontist about getting braces, please contact Advanced Orthodontic Care to schedule your initial consultation.

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