How To Care for Your Retainer After Braces

Dental,And,Ortho, ,Beautiful,Smiling,Girl,Holding,Retainer,For Retainers are an essential part of braces treatment. After your braces come off, you must apply continuous pressure to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their old positions. In this post, we’ll explore the most important aspects of retainer care to preserve your new smile.

How To Clean Your Retainer

The best way to clean a retainer is by brushing it under a stream of warm water. The key is to ensure the water is at the right temperature. Hot water can warp the shape of the retainer and weaken the material; cold water doesn’t effectively remove bacteria.

Be sure to consult with your dentist about the best way to clean your retainer, as there are many methods online that may not work for your appliance.

Take Your Case Everywhere

The most essential part of retainer care is protecting it from getting lost or damaged. The easiest way to do this is to always keep your case close by. If you need to take out your retainer, you’ll know that its case is within reach. You can even buy additional retainer cases so you’ll always have them wherever you may need one, such as in your car, on your desk, and in your bag or backpack.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Case

You should clean your retainer case twice weekly with mild dish soap and warm water. Avoid using disinfectant wipes; they are ineffective at killing the bacteria found in retainer cases and contain toxic chemicals you do not want to enter your mouth.

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