Are You Ever Too Old for Braces?

Face,Of,A,Young,Woman,With,Braces,On,Her,Teeth Everyone deserves a healthy smile, and you are never too old for braces. Oral health is a part of our well-being, which means it deserves proper care and tailored treatment at every stage of life. If you have been wondering whether you’ve missed the right time to start treatment, don’t worry. Adult braces are one of the best ways to improve your oral health.

Adult Teeth Are Still Treatable

Though it is true children and teenagers have more malleable jaws, adults can equally benefit from orthodontic treatment. Whether a patient is in elementary school or over 60, the underlying mechanic of braces remains the same: teeth are moved as the jaw bone shifts due to consistent pressure applied to the bone.

Because adults have denser bone tissue than children, they usually have to wear braces for a longer period of time. However, the results can be just as impactful and last a lifetime with proper follow-up care.

It’s Never Too Late for a Healthy Smile

Age is rarely a deciding factor for braces unless a patient is under 7. However, it is important to ensure you work with an orthodontist who understands the added complexity of treating adults. Because you’ve had your teeth for decades, they have a medical history that may include fillings, crowns, implants, or damage from smoking, teeth grinding, and decay.

The treatment-planning process for adult braces may be more extensive and include preparation procedures, such as deep cleanings and fillings. While this may seem overwhelming, it is actually wonderful. Taking the necessary steps to improve your oral health can help set you up for a lifetime of great oral health.

Discover Your Options Today

Are you ready for adult braces? Explore your options and set treatment goals with an expert. Dr. Robert Rudman has practiced orthodontia for decades, and his experience matches his unwavering passion for building patients’ confidence through personalized treatments.

Along with Dr. Jeff Birg and the rest of the Advanced Orthodontic Care team, Dr. Rudman delivers tailored treatments that create long-lasting results.

Please use our contact page to learn more. You can also call or text 303-331-0222 to schedule a consultation for adult braces in Denver, CO. We look forward to speaking with you!

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