Dental Tips for Halloween

A Stapleton girl visits her orthodontist in a witch costume It’s no coincidence that Halloween falls in the same month that we celebrate National Orthodontic Health. Our Stapleton orthodontist knows the effects of chewy, sticky, sugary treats, and can offer some ideas for reducing the negative impact of holiday indulgences.

October is full of frightening things like ghosts, ghouls and, perhaps the scariest thing of all, cavities! This month, encourage your child to have fun and enjoy the holiday, but also practice healthy moderation good oral hygiene.

Here are some practical ways to teach your child about dental health without sucking the fun out of Halloween.

  • Set a treat time. Snacking on candy all day long isn’t good for a person of any age. Set a time during the day when your child can choose one or two of those hard-earned sweets and then put the rest away for another treat time in the future.
  • Get a special toothbrush for the occasion. Kids are more likely to brush their teeth if they like the way their toothbrush looks. This Halloween, get your kid a Halloween-themed brush and tell them it’s special for the holiday. Buy a few and hand them out to other trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. This could make you pretty popular with the neighborhood parents.
  • Avoid sticky treats. Some sticky candies like taffy or gummy bears can cling to your child’s teeth and are harder to get washed out. This can increase the risk for tooth decay and cavities. Stick to soft candies or ones that don’t require biting down at all. If your child has braces, these types of treats can wreak havoc on brackets and bands.

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