Can Athletes Have Braces?

Young Girl With Braces Posing Holding A Tennis Racket Many people start their smile straightening journeys while they’re in school. Since sports are a popular extracurricular activity, you may wonder how your orthodontic treatment will impact your game. The good news is that braces don’t have to sideline you while they align your teeth. With a few simple precautions, athletes can keep playing their favorite sports and have braces, too. 

Always Use a Mouthguard

Mouth injuries happen all too often during sporting activities. Mouth injuries with braces can be particularly painful because the metal components can hurt your lips, cheeks, or tongue. Trauma can even result in a broken or damaged appliance that throws your treatment off track.

For these reasons, braces patients are advised to wear a mouthguard when playing sports. A mouthguard can protect your mouth from injury and reduce the risk of breaking your braces. 

You may have trouble finding a store-bought option that fits over the brackets and wires on your teeth. Our orthodontist can help you choose a mouthguard that is easy and comfortable to wear. 

Avoid Sports Drinks and Snacks

Injuries are not the only threat to your teeth and braces. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Sports drinks, gels, and energy bars often contain high amounts of acid and sugar. Acid and sugar can weaken your tooth enamel and lead to cavities. 

When you wear braces, you may experience visible white marks around your brackets that are exacerbated by these ingredients. Even athletes wearing clear aligners should be on alert. The acidic liquid or gel can get into your trays, where it will sit against the surface of your teeth.

Play Sports Without Sacrificing Your Smile 

Many famous athletes have worn braces. Don’t let orthodontic treatment mess with your game. Experienced orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman will gladly help you achieve a winning smile. Call 303-331-0222 today to schedule an appointment at Advanced Orthodontic Care. We welcome patients from Denver, Cherry Creek, Stapleton, and nearby areas of Colorado.

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