Best Braces While Going to College

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Are you in college in Colorado and considering straightening your teeth? Dr. Robert Rudman is an experienced orthodontist who has spent his career caring for patients of all ages, from children, to young adults to older adults. It’s never too late to get the healthy, attractive smile you deserve. To learn more, please call us in Denver at 303-331-0222.

Why College is a Great Time to Get Braces

Not everyone gets braces in high school. If you are in college and realizing you want straight teeth, rest assured it’s not too late! In fact, people get braces at all sorts of ages, even in their 30s, 40s and beyond.

Whether you’re a freshman or upperclassman, there are benefits to orthodontic treatment:

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean. Orthodontics are never about aesthetics only. Braces straighten your teeth, and straight teeth are easier to brush and floss effectively. Your risk of dental decay may decrease as a result.
  • An aligned bite helps you avoid certain dental problems. Braces optimize the relationship between your upper and lower jaws so that when they come together they do not strain related ligaments, bones, muscles and nerves. An aligned bite also reduces uneven tooth wear.
  • New era, new you. Your college career is a time of significant transition in your life. You’ll be moving away from your parents and be on your way to adulthood. Straightening your teeth is a great way to embark on this new episode of your life.
  • You deserve to feel confident during job interviews. University life means you’ll soon be interviewing for the career of your dreams! You’ve got the skills and the education, so  you don’t want to be held back by self-consciousness about your smile. If you feel less confident because of crooked teeth, then orthodontics may be the right choice.

Each person is unique. So the only way to know for sure if braces will benefit you is to visit Dr. Rudman. After examining your teeth and bite, Dr. Rudman will know if you need orthodontics, and he’s happy to discuss all of your concerns about life with braces.


Are you cringing at the thought of wearing metal on your teeth? We’re all capable of this type of self-consciousness, and it’s certainly no different for college students. First of all, we’d like to tell you that metal braces are more common among adults than ever before. Wearing traditional braces is certainly nothing to feel embarrassed about. In fact, most of our young adult and adult patients feel perfectly comfortable after having their braces for a few weeks.

Nonetheless, perhaps you are interested in Invisalign® removable aligners as a less noticeable option. Dr. Rudman is happy to offer Invisalign® to patients who are good candidates. These aligners work for a wide range of bite issues. Of course the advantage is that they are clear and fit over the front surface of your teeth. Note that you must wear them at least 22 hours a day for a successful treatment.


Incognito® works like traditional braces in the sense that brackets and wires move your teeth in a planned and gradual manner. Unlike other types of braces, Incognito® brackets and wires are placed on the back surface of your teeth. There’s nothing placed on the front surfaces. While people will still be able to notice them from time to time when you’re talking or laughing, they are much less obvious and some people may not notice at all.

Ceramic or Metal Braces

Traditional brackets and wires are not uncommon among adult patients. The ceramic type has clear brackets, so they are a little less obvious than metal brackets, which themselves are smaller and lower profile than decades past. Plus, many people end up loving the stylish and colorful rubber bands, which can be switched up throughout the course of treatment. Ultimately, our goal is to help you find the option you’ll be the most happy with and that will provide the best possible results.

Get the Healthy Smile You Deserve

If you are a student in Colorado interested in straightening your teeth and aligning your bite, please contact the Denver orthodontia practice of Dr. Robert Rudman at 303-331-0222. Dr. Rudman will examine your teeth and bite to let you know which orthodontic options will work for you. We are located in the Cherry Creek area and our team is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles.

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