What Happens If You Don’t Wear Invisalign® Trays Every Day?

Not wearing your Invisalign® trays could cause your teeth to shift out of alignment. Contact Advanced Orthodontic Care if you have issues with Invisalign. Invisalign® is a nearly invisible alternative to metal braces. Patients wear custom-made plastic trays that shift their teeth into alignment. In order for these aligners to be effective, you must wear them for 20 to 22 hours per day. Not wearing your trays can delay treatment and cause teeth to shift back to their former position. Wearing Invisalign trays every day exactly as your orthodontist prescribes will ensure you get a beautiful smile that lasts.

What Happens If I Skip Invisalign for a Day? 

Invisalign is a removable tooth-straightening system that moves your teeth into alignment without the need for braces. You can take the trays out to eat and brush your teeth. However, you must wear Invisalign aligners for most of the day (up to 22 hours) for it to be effective.

Skipping one day will not undo all of your progress, but throwing your schedule off balance can interfere with your treatment. This means you might have to wear the Invisalign trays even longer. If you forget to put your trays in, avoid skipping the whole day and put them in as soon as possible.

What If My Invisalign Trays No Longer Fit? 

Invisalign is meant to fit snugly on your teeth to gently move them into alignment. You will need to regularly replace your trays to ensure a proper fit. Over time, trays fit looser as your teeth move. This is why visiting your orthodontist for routine replacements is key to a beautiful smile!

How Often Do I Need to Replace Invisalign Trays?

You will need a new set of aligners every one to two weeks. Each set gradually shifts your teeth into the right position, ensuring the final results leave you with a straight, even bite.

We will let you know how often to replace your trays. Luckily, the process is fast, easy, and doesn’t require any lengthy appointments.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Invisalign 

One day won’t undo all your treatment progress, but routinely skipping your trays (or not wearing them for enough time each day) can prevent them from working properly. Teeth can revert to their former position, causing you to need Invisalign for a longer time or have to restart treatment entirely.

Thinking of Trying Invisalign in Denver, CO? 

Having an orthodontic team who guides your treatment can make it easier to stay consistent. Dr. Robert Rudman and Dr. Jeff Birg, along with the rest of our team at Advanced Orthodontic Care, always go the extra mile to make sure you feel supported.

Please call us at 303-331-0222 to get started! You can also use our contact page to request more information or book an appointment..

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