What Can I Do if I Damage My Braces?

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As long as you are diligent and follow the instructions for caring for the apparatus, your braces should last throughout the entirety of your treatment.  Of course, accidents do happen, and the staff at Advanced Orthodontic Care is ready when Denver patients need to repair their braces.

Although braces are generally sturdy, brackets, bands and wires can occasionally snap or fall off. If you or your child has damaged the braces appliance, you should contact Dr. Robert Rudman as soon as possible.  You may need to visit the office right away, or temporarily fix the problem until your next visit.  If an injury caused the problem, or if the problem is causing an injury, seek help immediately.

If your braces are damaged in one of these common ways, here are a few home remedies you can try yourself until you are able to meet with Dr. Rudman:

  • Loose or broken bracket: When you first got your braces, you should have been given a special dental wax. If a bracket has broken or come loose, apply the wax to the bracket to prevent it from harming your cheek tongue or gums. This should help until you can see Dr. Rudman.
  • Broken or protruding wire: This common problem can hurt your cheek, gums, or tongue. Do not cut the wire. You can try to gently push the wire back into place with a pencil eraser. If that doesn’t work, simply cover the end the wire with wax to keep it from poking you until you can get help.

There are some instances when a home remedy simply won’t work. If your braces have a loose spacer or a loose band, do not make any attempt to repair the problem yourself. Doing so can damage your braces further or even cause serious injury to your mouth or other parts of the body.

Advanced Orthodontic Care prides itself on providing the very best orthodontic care for our Denver area patients with braces. Please call us at 303-331-0222 if you need assistance.

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