Orthodontics and Your FSA

If a flexible spending account (FSA) is part of your employer’s insurance plan, it’s time to start thinking about how to spend those pre-tax dollars. Most FSA funds must be spent before the end of the calendar year. For Stapleton families with one or more members who need straighter teeth, orthodontics is one of the most popular investments for flex spending.

Braces and other forms of orthodontic care are sometimes covered by insurance, especially for kids who need a properly aligned bite for healthy development. However, if your insurance plan doesn’t include dental coverage, your FSA money can help make orthodontics affordable.

Unlike most medical procedures, orthodontics takes place over a prolonged period of time and includes multiple appointments. To help patients finance treatment, many flex spending plans offer different payment options.

Check your FSA plan for payment options such as:

  • Paying in full upfront, even though treatment will occur beyond a single year
  • Monthly payments over the course of treatment
  • Making payments as services are provided
  • Pay the total cost in less time than the treatment is expected to take

This last option can be particularly helpful for families where more than one child needs braces at the same time. For example, by paying for the first child’s 18 months of braces in just 12 months, the parents can avoid having to pay for two sets of braces when the second child starts orthodontics the next year.

If you’re considering using your FSA benefits before the year ends, it’s important to review your balance and the details of your plan. Please contact Advanced Orthodontic Care or call 303-331-0222 today to speak with a helpful team member at our Stapleton office.

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