Does My Child Need Orthodontic Correction?

Getting a child braces is an investment for any family. However, the nature of that investment will vary depending on your child’s individual needs. If you’re considering orthodontics and you live in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, Dr. Robert Rudman can examine your child’s teeth and bite during a complimentary screening.

Simply because your child’s teeth look straight doesn’t mean that braces won’t be necessary. The bite is a complex mechanism that is crucial to kids’ healthy dental development, which is why it’s important to visit an experienced orthodontist who can provide qualified input on straightening your child’s teeth.

During your free consultation, Dr. Rudman will check for signs of orthodontic problems including:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite, underbite, and other types of misalignment
  • Problems chewing food or speaking clearly
  • Noise coming from the jaw
  • Oversized teeth or jaw
  • Teeth protruding or overlapping other teeth when they erupt from the gum line

Bad habits can also have an impact on the growth of your child’s teeth. Dr. Rudman will check for signs of thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and tongue thrusting during your consultation at our Stapleton office.

Orthodontics can correct many of these issues, but timely intervention is key. By the age of 7, most children have one or more permanent teeth and experienced enough jaw growth to receive an orthodontic screening. This screening will allow Dr. Rudman to detect early problems and recommend suitable treatment options so your child can develop straight teeth and a healthy bite.

To learn more about our Stapleton area services, please contact Advanced Orthodontic Care online or call 303-331-0222 today to schedule a complimentary consultation for you and your child.

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