Do Orthodontists Clean Teeth?

Dental,Health,Care,,Stomatology,Concept.,Woman,With,Braces,Having,Dentist You know routine dental cleanings are an essential part of dental hygiene. But what happens after you get braces or start Invisalign®? Many patients are surprised that they still need routine appointments with their dentist to maintain their smile during orthodontic treatment.

Think of your orthodontist and dentist like a dynamic oral hygiene duo — your dentist tends to your general oral health, and your orthodontist helps ensure your jaw and teeth are perfectly aligned.

Do Orthodontists Clean Teeth?

Most orthodontists do not offer cleanings. They will clean your teeth to prep them for molds and braces, and they can help clean your teeth if something gets stuck in your braces. However, general oral health falls to a dentist and their hygienists.

In most cases, patients must visit their regular dentist before starting any orthodontic treatment. The dentist checks for cavities, signs of gum disease, and other issues, then treats them before you start orthodontic care.

Collaboration between your dentist and orthodontist is important; we want to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy before we place any devices.

The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene With Braces

Dental hygiene ensures you avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and inflammation that can cause serious health problems. With braces, keeping your mouth clean can be a challenge, so more routine cleanings with your dentist can be a good idea.

Our team will show you how to brush and clean your teeth with braces to prevent food from getting trapped and bacteria build-up.

Seeing the Dentist Can Protect Your Smile

During braces treatment, you can develop white stains on your teeth through a process called decalcification. This issue occurs when food or drinks you consume mix with saliva, creating acidic bacteria that gets trapped around your braces.

Your dentist can help prevent these stains with frequent cleanings optimized for braces. They can also provide additional support, such as fluoride treatments and dietary counseling, to keep your teeth healthy.

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