Caring For Your Retainer

caring for your retainer - Cherry Creek orthodontist There’s a very good chance that after you finish wearing braces, Dr. Rudman will provide you with a dental retainer to wear. It’s important that you follow Dr. Rudman’s instructions for wearing this retainer since retainers are vital for helping you maintain the results you worked so hard to achieve through orthodontic treatment.

One of your most important tasks when wearing a retainer is caring for it and maintaining it. If you properly care for your retainer, it will last longer and your oral health will be far better off. Furthermore, a properly maintained retainer will require fewer follow-up visits to our office.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to care for your retainer:

  • Clean your retainer regularly, even if it looks fine. Particles of food can get stuck in the retainer, and sometimes it’s tough to spot those particles.
  • Keep your retainer moist by soaking it while not wearing it – retainers are made from plastic and can crack if dry.
  • Don’t bend your retainer’s wires.
  • Above all else, stay vigilant. Don’t lose your retainer. You’ll take it out before eating, so make sure you always have a clean, compact receptacle for your retainer at meal times.

Dr. Rudman and his staff will provide you with more detailed instructions for the cleaning and care of your retainer. By following these instructions you will keep your retainer clean and intact. Your teeth will be much better off as a result.

If you live in or around Cherry Creek, Colorado and you have questions about our retainers, please call Advanced Orthodontic Care today at 303-331-0222 for a consultation and examination.

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