Are braces very painful?

Braces themselves are not painful. We find that when we initially move teeth, there is some discomfort. We like to equate it to working out or skiing for the first time in months. You will find that you are sore for the next couple of days. The same applies to braces.

On average you will be sore for 3 to 4 days. We recommend drinking cold water to allow some relief since the wires tighten with the heat of your mouth. We also will provide you with a tool that you chew on. When you chew, blood will flow back into area of the tooth, by doing this you will find that the soreness will lessen. The brackets may create some sore areas on your gum tissue. Your mouth will build up resistance or callus’ and you will find it won’t irritate as much. A warm salt water rinse can help alleviate any discomfort as well.


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