Caring For Your Braces

Getting braces is only the first step in the process of correcting your bite and jaw alignment problems. At Advanced Orthodontic Care, we are committed to helping all of our Stapleton-area patients live a pleasant life with braces. One of the crucial components to this is helping you care for your braces.

Here are a few tips for caring for your braces and keeping them clean and sturdy for the length of your time wearing them:

  • There are a number of foods you’ll want to avoid, or at least limit your consumption of, including gum, toffee and other sticky candies, ice, nuts, crusty breads, uncooked carrots and sugary foods and drinks.
  • Keep a close eye on your braces. If you have any loose or wobbly wires or brackets, call our office immediately to arrange an appointment.
  • You’ll want to make a special effort to keep the area around and under your wires clean – it’s easy for bits of food to get stuck under the wires. Our dentists can provide you with tools and equipment to make this possible.
  • You can still play sports while wearing braces. Just make sure you get a good, high-quality mouthguard if you’re playing a contact sport and there exists the possibility of suffering a blow to your teeth or jaw.

And, of course, the final tip is simply to follow all of the instructions our dentists provide you for caring for your braces. We want to ensure you have as pleasant an experience with your braces as possible, and every instruction we provide you is designed to help achieve that goal.

If you live in or around Stapleton, Colorado and you have questions for our dentists about braces, please call Advanced Orthodontic Care today at 303-331-0222 for a consultation. 

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