What Types of Braces Are There?

braces There may come a time when you decide to attain a straighter smile. If this is true for you, braces help your teeth reach their correct positioning.

When many people think of braces, they tend to think of traditional metal braces, and that’s it. However, because of advancements in technology and orthodontics, you can choose from plenty of options.

What Options Do I Have For Braces? 

While you may only be a candidate for some of these treatments, these options are available if you want to straighten your teeth.

Traditional Metal Braces

These braces probably come to your mind first when you think of braces. This form of treatment uses metal wiring and brackets to gradually move your teeth into position over time.

Clear Braces

These braces function in the same way as metal braces, but they are clear. This is possible because they are made out of a ceramic material that blends into the natural color of your teeth. The bands that are used are either clear, tooth-colored, or colorful.


Invisalign works the same way that braces do by applying gentle pressure to gradually move your teeth into their correct positioning. The difference is that Invisalign uses clear aligners to achieve your desired results. These aligners can be taken out to brush your teeth and eat, making them a more convenient option for some.

Synergy R

This new bracket system is self-ligating, meaning that it doesn’t need the “O”-shaped rubber bands that traditional braces use to hold the wire to the bracket. This means your teeth have to endure less force and friction, which can increase comfort throughout the course of treatment.


These braces use metal wiring and brackets, but they are placed on the inside of your teeth. Even though they may be visible when you laugh or speak, they are a discreet option for people that do not want others to notice that they have braces.

Get an Expert’s Opinion at Advanced Orthodontic Care 

Advanced Orthodontic Care in Denver, CO, is here to give you an expert’s opinion on which options for braces are a good fit for you.

Dr. Robert Rudman and Dr. Jake Birg pride themselves on providing beautiful smiles for their patients and are prepared to help you choose the correct treatment option for your teeth.

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