How to Find Out if You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery

Asia man hand on cheek face as suffering from facial pain Jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, is a procedure that corrects misalignments of the jawbone and teeth to improve the function and appearance of the jaw. If you’re wondering whether you need corrective jaw surgery, there are a few things to consider. In this blog, we’ll discuss the types of misalignments that might require surgery, the age range for jaw surgery, and what to expect during the surgery and recovery.

What Types of Misalignments Require Surgery?

Various misalignments might require orthognathic surgery. Some of the most common ones include:

  1. An Overcrowded Mouth: If your mouth is overcrowded, this can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and difficulty cleaning your teeth properly. Jaw surgery can help to correct this problem by expanding your dental arches and giving your teeth more space.
  2. A Malocclusion: A malocclusion is a misalignment of the upper and lower teeth that can result in difficulty biting and chewing, as well as jaw pain and headaches. Jaw surgery can correct this misalignment and improve your bite.
  3. A Cleft Palate or Cleft Lip: A cleft palate or cleft lip is a congenital condition that occurs when the tissue in the roof of the mouth or the lip doesn’t fuse properly during fetal development. Jaw surgery can be part of the treatment plan to correct this condition.
  4. An Impacted Tooth: An impacted tooth occurs when a tooth fails to emerge from the gumline properly. This can cause pain, swelling, and infection. Jaw surgery may be required to help the tooth emerge and improve overall oral health.

Age Range for Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is most often recommended for patients whose jaws have stopped developing. Typically, jaw surgery patients are in their late teens or early twenties. Therefore, the youngest teens and children may get alternative recommendations for guiding jaw growth, such as early intervention orthodontics.

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