Caring for Incognito™ Braces

Just like regular braces, Incognito™ braces require diligent care to keep your teeth healthy throughout the orthodontic process. Dr. Robert Rudman and the entire team at Advanced Orthodontic Care in Denver will provide personalized support and input so you can get the most from Incognito™ invisible braces.

Because the brackets are bonded to the back of your teeth, you might have to adjust your oral hygiene routine to remove plaque fully from difficult-to-see areas of your mouth. Dr. Rudman will demonstrate that these adjustments are not hard to make.

As you get comfortable with your Incognito™ braces, you will find that any “extra work” required to maintain them will quickly become second nature:

  • Flossing: Use a floss threader to maneuver around wires and brackets, followed by a waterpik to irrigate the mouth and flush out remaining loose particles
  • Brushing: Many patients find that an electric toothbrush most effectively cleans behind the wire on the back of the teeth
  • Minding habits: If you frequently run your tongue along the back of your teeth, place dental wax on brackets and wires to protect soft tissue from sores and cuts

Along with proper at home care, it’s just as important to maintain all scheduled appointments with your dentist and/or orthodontist. Your dentist can make sure you’re cleaning your teeth well behind the wire and along the edges of the brackets while our orthodontist can make sure the apparatus is intact and your teeth are shifting according to your individualized treatment plan.

To learn more about Incognito™ Hidden Braces and other options for straightening teeth, please contact Advanced Orthodontic Care or call 303-331-0222 today to schedule your free consultation. Dr. Rudman serves patients throughout the Denver area.

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