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April 12, 2010

No teenager looks forward to braces. They are awkward, uncomfortable, and an eyesore at a time in your life when appearance is very important. However, reluctance to wear braces should not prevent your teenager from receiving essential orthodontic care necessary for maintaining good oral health.

March 16, 2010

Malocclusion is the improper alignment of teeth and/or jaws. When your teeth and jaws are not properly aligned, it may adversely impact your bite, the ability to properly care for your teeth, your gum tissue health, and your appearance.

Most people experience some degree of malocclusion, but it generally is not severe enough to require corrective measures. However, if your malocclusion is serious enough, orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct the issue.

Untreated malocclusion can lead to the following dental health problems:

February 04, 2010

The importance of oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth and gums remains while you wear braces. While braces straighten your teeth, you can contribute by making sure you are vigilant with your brushing and flossing habits.

January 08, 2010

At your initial consultation, Denver orthodontist Dr. Robert Rudman will conduct a comprehensive examination to assess your oral health. This will better enable us to determine the best treatment method for your orthodontic needs.

December 07, 2009

Finding the right orthodontist is much more complicated than in previous years. Advances in orthodontic technology, an increase in the variety of orthodontic treatments offered, and a larger percentage of non-orthodontic specialists performing treatments can make your choice much more confusing.

November 09, 2009

Advances in dental technology have made dental braces much more effective than they were in previous years. As a result, you can enjoy superior orthodontic treatment and increased comfort.

Here are some of the advantages of modern braces:

November 03, 2009

At Cherry Creek Orthodontics, we understand that a thorough and comprehensive orthodontic evaluation is crucial to devising the right treatment plan for your orthodontic needs. During your first visit to our office, our experienced Denver orthodontist, Dr. Robert Rudman, will conduct your orthodontic evaluation.

September 29, 2009

If you have completed an orthodontic treatment and would like to improve your smile even further, there are some excellent cosmetic dentistry procedures to accomplish that. Orthodontics, whether it is conventional braces, Invisalign, or iBraces, can give your teeth good alignment, removing any crookedness, crowding and undue spaces.

August 31, 2009

A child’s facial growth is partly genetic and partly a result of the balance of muscles connected to the head. Each facial component develops in relation to every other component. For example, if a child has a chronic thumb-sucking habit or mouth-breathing habit, these can affect the way muscles develop.

July 21, 2009

There is no fixed rule as to the best age for starting with braces. Many of our patients are adults, some of them over age 55. The teeth can be realigned at any age.

However, there is an advantage to starting orthodontic work in early adolescence. That is because all the adult teeth (except wisdom teeth) have emerged, but the facial shape and jawline are still developing. In fact this growth is happening quickly in adolescence.